A Hawaiian Vacation to Remember…..

After a long flight we finally made it back from Hawaii on Monday afternoon….. Well, we physically made it back.  I’m pretty sure mentally I’m still in Hawaii.  Right now I’m not sure what’s worse the jet lag or the mountain of laundry.

Needless to say we had great trip full of adventure, golf, and some much needed relaxation before we hit the ground running at work in less than a month….

Plus we got to celebrate national Mai Tai day in Hawaii 🙂


IMG_5502 IMG_5506

IMG_5488 IMG_5490_2 IMG_5505_2

IMG_5524_2 IMG_5525  IMG_5527_2 IMG_5526IMG_5532  IMG_5519_2

One Day we went to an awesome Farmers Market…. and I ate Pie 🙂  It was a Macadamia Nut Pie.

IMG_5510_2 IMG_5511 IMG_5513_2 IMG_5508_2

Then we celebrated the 4th of July Island style at a local festival…. The food was yummy to, Kalua Pork, Sautéed Cabbage and Rice.


IMG_5650_2 IMG_5627 IMG_5684_2

And we did a little hiking in Waimea Canyon… Dubbed the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.  Then of course after a long day of hiking you have to stop for a Hawaiian Shaved Ice… Mmm Coconut, Banana and Strawberry!

IMG_5706_2 IMG_5720_2

IMG_5747_2  IMG_5733_2 IMG_5697_2

IMG_5742_2 IMG_5731_2 IMG_5745

Then more Golf and a cute little Baby Albatross with 90’s looking hair….

IMG_5794_2 IMG_5792_2 IMG_5775_2 IMG_5777 IMG_5598

And more tasty food… This was fresh Poke (Ahi Tuna) and Rice along with a Pork Lau Lau From the Koloa Fish Market


And Dinner one night at Eating House 1849 was this amazing “Hot Pot” with rice, veggies and Hawaiian Butter Fish


We tried to go hiking again up on the north shore but due to a ton of rain we hit a road block….

IMG_5819 IMG_5818 IMG_5812 IMG_5808

So we found the beach instead….

IMG_5821_2  IMG_5823_2

Then it was out to dinner for our 11 Year wedding Anniversary

IMG_5835_2 IMG_5828_2 IMG_5830_2

On the last day we did a little more sightseeing, played some mini-golf, and crammed  in one more Hawaiian shaved ice… This time it was Banana, Coconut, Strawberry, and Vanilla with a snow cap (sweetened condensed milk) on top.

IMG_5844_2 IMG_5846_2

All topped off with a beautiful Hawaiian Sunset….


It was a great time and but I’m glad to be home. Now it’s time to get back to work in the kitchen and I’ve got a great recipe coming y’all’s way on Tuesday for a Tex-Mex Tortilla Mac & Cheese.

Speak Soon!




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16 thoughts on “A Hawaiian Vacation to Remember…..

    1. Thanks Tonya! It was nice to get away. Yep that’s the Dino shirt. 😀I though it was appropriate to wear in Kauai since most of Jurassic Park was filmed there. Parts of the Island were so wild and dense you expected a dinosaur to jump out every time the leaves moved… But it was usually a wild chicken.

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  1. Hawaii archipelago rules and rocks! 🙂 splendid memories… like ours! 🙂 we’ve been to Oahu and Big island for our 20th wedding anniversary and to Maui & Kauai for our 35th – last February… 🙂 and we do plan to return asap, via San Francisco where we’ll visit very close relatives… ❤ 😉

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