Going Hawaiian Style: Hot Lava Salad….

Aloha! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

We have almost reached the end of our little Hawaiian Style adventure and with just one more post to go I wanted to share another Luau side dish with you.  But first I have to tell you about the star ingredient of this salad and it comes straight from the fires of Hawaii…

This picture was taken on the Big Island where you could watch the lava flow right into the sea.  It still ranks as one of the more incredible things I’ve ever experienced.

Alright foodie friends, you know that moment when you try something for the first time….

At first you are not quite sure what to expect but then as the flavors dance across your taste buds you are mumbling (because there is food in your mouth) “Oh my God, this is the best thing I’ve ever ate.” Well let me introduce you to Hot Lava Salt.


This Hot Lava Salt is a Hawaiian Sea Salt infused with hickory smoke, active charcoal, garlic and chili peppers. Hot Lava Salt is good on just about everything steaks, chicken, fish, popcorn, and especially tomatoes. I picked up a bag of this salt last year while on the Island of Maui (it’s actually made on the Island of Kauai) because I was intrigued by it’s blackish color and its cool name “Hot Lava”.

I returned home put it in my pantry and was saving it for the perfect day….

One night I had some beautiful little campari tomatoes I quarter them and sprinkled them with the Hot Lava Salt and that was the beginning of my slight obsession with this product.

Fast forward a year….

As I’ve been planing out menu items for the upcoming Luau party I wanted to have some kind of simple salad with the Hot Lava Salt.  I though about doing just sliced tomatoes, but I wanted it to have a bit more of a tropical flair.  Instead of just tomatoes I tossed in some avocado, mango, and just a touch of cilantro.  Then sprinkle on the smoky, spicy, garlic, salt and it doesn’t get better than that.



You can order some of this Hot Lava Salt from The Salty Wahine . or just plan a trip to Hawaii 🙂

Hot Lava Salad  

Serves 2-3


6 Camapari Tomatoes, quartered

1 Large Avocado

1 Large Ripe Mango

The Juice of 1 Lime

A little fresh cilantro

Sprinkle On Hot Lava Salt

Chop everything up, squeeze on some fresh lime juice and sprinkle with hot lava salt.

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My name is Melody and I am the cook and blogger behind Meals With Mel. I have a love for traveling, I share a joy for gardening, and I have a passion for cooking. Although I do some baking, I don't consider myself a baker as I can't stand having to measure. When it comes to cooking my philosophy is add a bit of this, a dash of that, a splash of something doesn't hurt, never forget some type of pepper and always add at least one clove of garlic. Thanks for stopping by my Spicy Texas Kitchen and I hope to see you again!!! Melody

11 thoughts on “Going Hawaiian Style: Hot Lava Salad….

    1. Haha yes it might be quicker but Hawaii really isn’t that far… Just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Besides there has to be a way to write off a trip to Hawaii as “research” for your blog right?

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      1. I only blog for “fun” after my real full-time job, so don’t have any way of justifying writing it off… however I don’t have any qualms with online ordering spices! I really do think I’m going to have to order some of that!

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