Chicken Fajitas On a Stick…..

Being from Texas you know how much I love my Mexican food. Honestly I have a hard time going more than a week without it whether it’s “True” Mexican food, Tex-Mex food, or even Baja “California Style” Mexican food…. I’m not picky I love it all.

But of all the different types of Mexican foods the dish I order at a restaurant most often is the Fajitas.  Charred grilled meat (Chicken, beef, shrimp, or combo) served a top a bed of peppers and onions on scorching hot cast iron skillet. Mmmmmm! As the waiter sits the sizzling skillet in front of you you lean in and inhale the Tex-Mex scented steam cloud…..  I can just smell it now can’t you?

Now while this is great when you are out to eat…. serving your guests at home a sizzling hot cast iron skillet is not always a good idea.

So what’s my solution for making perfect fajitas at home?  Especially for a group of people?

photo 2

Put the fajitas on a stick.

That way you get the perfect ratio of meat to peppers and onions, plus a bonus grilled lime. Not to mention clean up is a breeze!  In fact all the guests have to do is slide the cooked meat, peppers, and onions into a hot tortilla that has been possibly slathered with freshly made guacamole….  Squeeze on a little of the grilled lime juice and life is good.

Besides proven fact that everyone loves food on a stick 🙂


If you feel like being a little fancy… you can even serve up the guacamole, queso, rice, or refried beans in little edible corn tortilla bowls. But more to come on that at a later date 😉 I have to tease y’all with something.

photo 1

Tune in tomorrow to see what I turn the leftover Chicken Fajita Skewers into.

Hint: It involves pie crust!


Chicken Fajitas On A Stick


The Fajita Dry Rub and The Chicken

1 Tablespoon Mesquite Seasoning

1 Tablespoon Cumin

1 Teaspoon Chipotle Chili Powder

1 Teaspoon Ancho Chili Powder

1 Teaspoon Garlic Powder

1 Teaspoon Onion Powder

1 Teaspoon Smoked Paprika

1 Teaspoon Fresh Cracked Black Pepper

2 Teaspoons Kosher Salt

Kosher Salt to Taste

Mix all the above spices together and store in an air tight container.


4 Chicken Breasts, cut into bite sized cubes

The Juice of 1 Lime

Drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


1 Red Bell Pepper

1 Yellow Bell Pepper

1 Orange Bell Pepper

2 Red Onions

3 Limes, quartered

12 Skewers




Cut the each of the chicken breast into 9 bite sized pieces for a total of 36 pieces. In a large zip top bag toss together the cubed chicken, the juice of 1 lime, a good drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 2 tablespoons), and about half the dry rub. Toss to coat and marinate for at least 30 minutes and unto 4 hours.

Reserve the remaining dry rub for another time.

Cut each of the peppers, onions and limes into 12 equal pieces. If using bamboo skewers soak them in warm water for 1 hour (some how I always forget this step… Oh well if the skewer gets charred or burns it just gives you a smoky flavor right?)

For assembly I did 3 pieces of chicken, 3 pieces on onion, and 3 pieces of pepper then topped off with a lime wedge….  Chicken, Onion, Pepper, Chicken, Onion, Pepper, Chicken, Onion Pepper, Lime.  But assemble as you like.


Prep and preheat a grill of choice and cook the skewers until the peppers are charred and the chicken cooked through.


Then transfer to a plate, cover with foil, and allow the skewers to rest.

While the meat rests heat up the tortillas… (Click here For Hot Fresh Homemade Flour Tortillas)


Topped the skewers with cilantro (if desired) and serve alongside the warm tortillas and fresh made guacamole.


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My name is Melody and I am the cook and blogger behind Meals With Mel. I have a love for traveling, I share a joy for gardening, and I have a passion for cooking. Although I do some baking, I don't consider myself a baker as I can't stand having to measure. When it comes to cooking my philosophy is add a bit of this, a dash of that, a splash of something doesn't hurt, never forget some type of pepper and always add at least one clove of garlic. Thanks for stopping by my Spicy Texas Kitchen and I hope to see you again!!! Melody

20 thoughts on “Chicken Fajitas On a Stick…..

  1. This is such a great idea! Cooking for a larger group is always a bit difficult, but these sticks seem like the perfect solution 🙂 I will have to keep this in mind for the next get together I host. (P.S. I’m now craving Mexican food haha)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Amanda!! I love cook but I stress to the max when I have to cook for a large group and anything on a stick makes life easier.
      P.S. You know what we call Tuesday here in Texas? It’s Taco Tuesday! So feed the Mexican food craving 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kathryn 🙂 My favorite part was the grilled lime on the end. I’ve really enjoy making different types of chicken on a stick and I can’t wait to try your greek kabobs with the yogurt 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OK, these are just plain mouth watering Mel. We have a old chicken-onion-pepper skewer recipe, but it has a soy sauce/ginger based marinade. I never through of Mexican seasoning, but it sounds about perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 your chicken skewers with chicken, onions and peppers sounds delicious with the soy ginger glaze. Have you posted that one recently? I love anything with a soy ginger glaze!!


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