Island In The Sun: Turks and Caicos

Sorry for the radio silence over the past week but I’ve been on vacation 🙂


We took a trip with a bunch of friends down to the beautiful Caribbean Island of Turks and Caicos.  We enjoyed sunny days, pristine white sand beaches, and the clearest blue water I’ve ever seen.  The days were spent reading on the beach, floating in the ocean, a little tennis, and so much fun! We attended a local fish fry, took a boat ride to beach where we searched for conch shells and sand dollars, and ate many wonderful meals. It was a wonderful time and one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve been on. IMG_8193

Fish Fry
After the fish fry we went to a local bar for karaoke night….


Dinner Time!!
Like several Caribbean Islands conch is the local dish…


Every morning we walked out the back door of our house to this…


A Mama Dolphin and her baby.
This was the beach at Ft. Williams…. There were no people and shells everywhere!
Here you could walk 500 yards out into the water and still only be waist deep in the warm clear turquoise water.


I found this conch shell half buried on the beach…
When I dug him up this is what I found.  Isn’t he beautiful?  Luckily, the occupant was no longer living there so he came home with me 🙂


On a 3 hour tour….


Best selfie picture EVER!!

A great time with great friend on a beautiful Island in the Sun….

Island In The Sun  by Weezer

I’ll be back in the kitchen with a new recipe next week!!

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11 thoughts on “Island In The Sun: Turks and Caicos

      1. So glad you enjoyed!! It looked amazing. We’re looking forward to seeing you all, too. 😀 We have lots of fun stuff planned. I’ll call you today or tomorrow to touch base about our visit.
        We’re busy on the farm, but things are going well. I’m happy you liked the story. It was fun writing it. Thank you, Melody! Talk soon. 😊

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  1. That water is an unbelievable color Melody!! Makes me want to start looking for plane tickets!!! And it looks like you have a super fun group of friends to share it with. So glad you had such an amazing trip!! Thanks for sharing the photos– loved them.

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